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Field Trip: Flint Hills Discovery Center

If you ever find yourself in Manhattan Kansas this should be one of your stops.  Its a bit small but the video in its self is worth the trip.  Fog machine smoke, fans creating wind, and bubbles make this an amazing experience.  You learn about life in the grass lands in a way that makes it come alive.  The ceiling in the lobby displays weather and ranching.  The main floor includes science and history exploration and the main 2nd floor is full of fun activities for younger children.

We made our trip a few days after the grand opening.   We had planed on attending the opening but that day ended up being rather advent filled and we spent much of it in and out of the shelter.  Lucky us our home on Fort Riley was with in that lucky bubble that never seams to get much of the bad stuff.

To the relief of the creators of The Flint Hills Discovery Center it was also spared during the night of twisters.

Check out the Flint Hills Discovery Center

Tips:  This works well for history and science.

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