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Fathers Day Car show at the Zoo

With fathers day coming up I wanted to share what we did last year and let you know that it’s worth the trip to go and do it this year.  It’s a CAR SHOW at the ZOO!!! Yup you read that right.  Everyone is left happy with this field trip.

Whom ever came up with the idea of a car show at the zoo should get an award. We had a great time despite the crazy hot weather we had so early in the season. We seen some great cars. Learned about lots of animals and sorted them into lists by the first letter of their name. ate our luck in the shade next to the camels. When we where done with the zoo we moved from outside into the AC of the museum to see some great displays that tell the kids of the importance of preserving nature and how nature effected people of the past.

All in all this was the perfect day to visit the wonderful Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure zoo and Museum.

This field trip is located in Salina KS here is the web site for more info.

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Field Trip: Flint Hills Discovery Center

If you ever find yourself in Manhattan Kansas this should be one of your stops.  Its a bit small but the video in its self is worth the trip.  Fog machine smoke, fans creating wind, and bubbles make this an amazing experience.  You learn about life in the grass lands in a way that makes it come alive.  The ceiling in the lobby displays weather and ranching.  The main floor includes science and history exploration and the main 2nd floor is full of fun activities for younger children.

We made our trip a few days after the grand opening.   We had planed on attending the opening but that day ended up being rather advent filled and we spent much of it in and out of the shelter.  Lucky us our home on Fort Riley was with in that lucky bubble that never seams to get much of the bad stuff.

To the relief of the creators of The Flint Hills Discovery Center it was also spared during the night of twisters.

Check out the Flint Hills Discovery Center

Tips:  This works well for history and science.

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Pine Island Beach


This beach is at the golf of mexico and found near wichie washie springs. With a playground and animals ranging from crustations, crabs, and at night dolphins. The kids enjoyed this field trip with a picnic the only cost was $5 for parking. Tips: shuffle your feet to avoid stepping on a crab. Bring spare clothes. Shower well by the bathrooms cleaning your body and swim suit before changing.

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