Pine Island Beach


This beach is at the golf of mexico and found near wichie washie springs. With a playground and animals ranging from crustations, crabs, and at night dolphins. The kids enjoyed this field trip with a picnic the only cost was $5 for parking. Tips: shuffle your feet to avoid stepping on a crab. Bring spare clothes. Shower well by the bathrooms cleaning your body and swim suit before changing.

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Orlando Free Admission Field Trips


Downtown Disney – Free entry, Free parking, entertainment and demos.  Our Trip



Crafts and Workshops

Lego Mini Model Build – Locaton: Downtown Disney – Once per month

The Home Depot Kids Workshops – First Saterday of every month.

Email to add a free field trip for this list.

Check out the field trips $10 and under list

Search & Win

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$10 and under Orlando field trips

Here is our list of Field trips for $10 and under list.  Keep checking back as this list will grow over time.  Don’t forget to check our growing list of FREE trips in the Orlando Area.

Wekiwa Springs State Park.  – $6 per car entry fee. Our trip

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Downtown Disney

Phineas and Ferb and you

First (almost) Free field trip in Orlando is Downtown Disney. The kids had a blast walking around, playing in the fountain, having photos taken, watching glass art being made, and seeing them selves on TV.  Their is no admission fee or parking charge for this part of Disney and lots of stuff going on.

Lego sea monster and ducks
We did spend some birthday money on a new toy per child.  After we went and seen Hotel Transylvania and bought the usual popcorn and drinks.  Total spent $93.45


Tip:  Bring any fun money as CASH to limit extra spending in the shops and such.

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5 Tips for Road Trips With Kids: Keep Your Mind and Your Budget

Oh how you learn as you exsperiance new things.  When you make the decision to go on a road trip to your vacation destination, visiting the in-laws, or a cross country move you start to feel stressed.  If your like the rest of us you are doing this on a budget.  Add kids to the mix and you wonder how to make it work.  Here’s some tips for making your budget stick and keeping the kids calm.

1. Pack food and drinks.  When traveling with kids this is a big one. Keep them cold while taking up less space by purchesing a dollar freezer grocery bag at the supper market.  Freeze the drinks over night.  Even Horizon single serve milk boxes can be frozen.  The frozen drinks will be the ice for your trip.  Add your cold smacks into this bag.  We pack one bag for every 12 projected hours driving for 4 people.  Fill another reusable grocery bag with foods that do not need refrigeration.  As the bags become empty fold them up and store them out of the way. 

2.  Keep things clean.  A clean car means less hassle for parents and kids while on the road. Have a bag or small box within reach with plastic grocery bags, hand sanitiser, baby wipes, disinfectant wipes, tissues, and meds that need to be taken during the trip.  If you have young children the diaper bag is a good spot for this and other odds and ends you may need.  Clean out the vehicle at each and every stop.

3.  Active play at rest stops.  When traveling with kids give them time to run. Every few hours get everyone out of the car.  Throw around a ball or frisbie (beach balls can be blown up and unaired quickly to take up little space), chalk, jumpropes, and classic games like red light green light and Simon says work well. 


4.  Activities while driving.  The road can be boring to kids dealing with long travels. Trap the cookie sheets from under the cabnent one for each child.  These make great lap desks that cost you nothing.   Fill gallon and quart size bags with different activities from arround your home.  Paper and Crayons, different size lids, fridge magnents, pipe cleaners, homemade playdough, ext.  These activities should be stored in an easy to reach place and switched as needed.  More of these that can be tossed at the end of each use at the next stop the better.  The rest can be stored back in the origanal bag for the return trip.  If driving through the night time glow sticks make for great entertainment untill they fall asleep. 

5.  Be prepared.  Being ready for the worst makes things a little easier on the road with or without kids. Nothing sucks more then something going wrong and not being ready for it.  Call your insurgence agency and add road side assistance to your policy.  Have numbers and warenty info on hand.   If you still have a warenty on your tires, battery, or other parts many larger chains have locations around the country you never know when it will come in handy.  Pack a first aid kit and sun screen, and alergy medicine.  In the winter pack extra blankets.

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Where we have been

Mom, Dad, and Angel where born in Michigan.  In 2009 Dad when’t off to the US Army.  Stop one South Carolina,  Mom and Angel traveled to Fort Jackson for his graduation.  The whole family drove from their to Maryland where daddy went to AIT and we went home.

Next stop Oct 2009 the whole family moved to Kansas where little Gabe joined us in Sept 2010.  After some happy times in Kansas Our next adventure started.

The whole family with our newest member in tow went to visit our home state Michigan in August 2012.

And our current location Florida!!!

And we did all of that travel DRIVING.  Yes you read that right thousands of miles driving with kids.

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About Us

We are a young family with plenty of stories and ideas to share.  Dig down deep and see what this homeschooling, collage student, a soldier family is up to.  Free printables, field trips, reviews, and lots of kid craft ideas.  Here Is a little about the family.


Dad is a soldier was active duty but is now reserves while he attends UTI for motorcycle mechanics.

Mom is studying to be a fitness trainer as she works to finish losing that mommy weight.  65 pounds and counting.

Angel is the gifted child cursed with ADHD which can make it hard to see how fast she picks things up with a controlled diet.  NO red dye #40.  You know what that means?  healthy home made food most of the time as all the “fun” stuff contains artificial dies. Angel is now in Kindergarten if you counted but thanks to her age and our current location we do not have to deal with any of the legal stuff this year.

Gabe is the baby.  He is fast with physical things but a bit slow to talk with about 50 words he can properly form with his 2nd birthday being just last week.  But he can cut a glue and point out letters and climb things that make mom cringe.  He is in what we call scribble school.  (As in he sits at the table and scribbles during lessons, dose the art projects and attends the field trips.  After all he would feel left out but is not ready for preschool stuff yet)

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