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Fathers Day Car show at the Zoo

With fathers day coming up I wanted to share what we did last year and let you know that it’s worth the trip to go and do it this year.  It’s a CAR SHOW at the ZOO!!! Yup you read that right.  Everyone is left happy with this field trip.

Whom ever came up with the idea of a car show at the zoo should get an award. We had a great time despite the crazy hot weather we had so early in the season. We seen some great cars. Learned about lots of animals and sorted them into lists by the first letter of their name. ate our luck in the shade next to the camels. When we where done with the zoo we moved from outside into the AC of the museum to see some great displays that tell the kids of the importance of preserving nature and how nature effected people of the past.

All in all this was the perfect day to visit the wonderful Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure zoo and Museum.

This field trip is located in Salina KS here is the web site for more info.

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Learning Toys and Games

I know I have been absent a lot.  Hey it’s hard homeschooling, moving, and working.  This time of year I’m looking for good deals on holiday gifts for the kids.  This year we are doing only educational toys that well are toys but good for young learners as well.  After all children learn through play. Watch out for good deals I find for you over the next two months mixed in with our other posts.

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Getting Batty

One thing I love about Kansas is finding wild life all around us.  From wild turkeys, I had no idea they really flew till we moved to Fort Riley, to coyotes walking down the road.  This day we where in town for some shopping and seen this bat soaking wet from that mornings rain just sleeping on a wall.  We got to get a truly close up view of a wild bat.  Watched it breath,  discussed how it was hanging off the wall upside down, what they eat, why it was sleeping in the morning  even why we thought it did not make it home. Talk about unplanned lessons.  I find this recollection perfect for Halloween.  Have a batty day and keep your eyes open you never know what you may come across.

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Ring of Fire Eclipse May 2012

I was much to excited about this one.  In may we had the big annular eclipse and where lucky enough to get a partial view of the ring of fire eclipse from our location in Kansas.  I shopped for the makings of smores, dug out a clip board and binoculars to project the image of the sun for everyone to see.  Found our family enjoying a great evening on top of the hill behind our home watching the eclipse with a wonderful family of complete strangers.  One of the great things about homeschool is enjoying the world for a classroom and many new people as classmates.


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Friday Morning Park Hopping

One activity I really miss from Fort Riley is the park hoping on Friday mornings.  Its like a bar hop but G rated and to tell the truth way more fun.  Ok must of the time.  Living in an area with half dozen playgrounds with in walking distance makes this a whole lot of fun.  Sometimes I let them ride trikes.  Never big kid bikes for this though because I end up carrying them attached to the diaper bag something a cant do with a big steal frame bike.  Oh I remember some of the funny looks I would get with the little rig below thrown over my one shoulder and a sleeping toddler on the other.

Now our park trips involve using a car.  While my back loves the retirement from being a pack mule I miss that time when it was just us and any homeschooling mom’s looking to get the kids out the door on a nice quite Friday morning.

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Field Trip: Flint Hills Discovery Center

If you ever find yourself in Manhattan Kansas this should be one of your stops.  Its a bit small but the video in its self is worth the trip.  Fog machine smoke, fans creating wind, and bubbles make this an amazing experience.  You learn about life in the grass lands in a way that makes it come alive.  The ceiling in the lobby displays weather and ranching.  The main floor includes science and history exploration and the main 2nd floor is full of fun activities for younger children.

We made our trip a few days after the grand opening.   We had planed on attending the opening but that day ended up being rather advent filled and we spent much of it in and out of the shelter.  Lucky us our home on Fort Riley was with in that lucky bubble that never seams to get much of the bad stuff.

To the relief of the creators of The Flint Hills Discovery Center it was also spared during the night of twisters.

Check out the Flint Hills Discovery Center

Tips:  This works well for history and science.

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Free Toys

As part of our goals on this to create a more mobile life style I am on the hunt for toys I can make out of household items and pop them in to the recycle bin when it gets old. Here is a link up to a fun free make yourself toys to save for when we need a “new” toy.

DIY lid sorter ~ My kids love playing with lids. They become blocks, tea sets, and all kids of other things. This idea will contain them as well as create another way to use them. Check it out on Naptime Review

Toddler Tubes ~ This one looks fun and an excuse to buy colored duct tape next time its on sale for cheep. Check it out at

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A to Z An Alphabet of Fun

Join us each Tuesday for a new letter of the alphabet as we explore it with printables, books, and art.  These where put together back in Kansas to help my oldest as she struggled with her letters along with entertaining my youngest.  By adopting bits as fitting for your child to create a day of learning they will enjoy.

I am a homeschooling mom not a certified teacher.  These lesson plans are not to be used as your complete educational program but a resource to make your job easier so you can enjoy more of the fun.

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Wekiwa Springs State Park


Today we took the afternoon to visit Wekiwa Springs State Park.  Here is the little guy smiling over his new water shoes.  Something you need for swimming in the springs if you do not particularly like the feel of slime under your feet.  This trip was very low cost at only $6 for parking and the cost of our packed lunch.  The water is 72 degrees year round making it a great go to spot to visit for some low cost fun.  Canoe rentals start at about $15 if your interested in a canoeing trip.  Angel seen a large rock as we went down the stairs to the spring and started screaming that it was an alligator.  Oh how everyone around found it rather entertaining.

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Mom’s Time

One thing I am doing for myself here in Orlando is running the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  Oh the excitement of getting back into my sport losing the last of this weight from having kids

Disney Princess Half Marathon

My choice of a costume?  Cinderella’s pink torn dress with a fake glass slipper attached to a loop.  I’m gonna be Cinderella after midnight running from the ball.

My running has been a bit slack but the Jeff Galoway training program started YESTERDAY!  I’m Only 22 weeks from the race.  I am truly excited about my first runDisney race.  What do you do for your self?

Search & Win

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