About Us

We are a young family with plenty of stories and ideas to share.  Dig down deep and see what this homeschooling, collage student, a soldier family is up to.  Free printables, field trips, reviews, and lots of kid craft ideas.  Here Is a little about the family.


Dad is a soldier was active duty but is now reserves while he attends UTI for motorcycle mechanics.

Mom is studying to be a fitness trainer as she works to finish losing that mommy weight.  65 pounds and counting.

Angel is the gifted child cursed with ADHD which can make it hard to see how fast she picks things up with a controlled diet.  NO red dye #40.  You know what that means?  healthy home made food most of the time as all the “fun” stuff contains artificial dies. Angel is now in Kindergarten if you counted but thanks to her age and our current location we do not have to deal with any of the legal stuff this year.

Gabe is the baby.  He is fast with physical things but a bit slow to talk with about 50 words he can properly form with his 2nd birthday being just last week.  But he can cut a glue and point out letters and climb things that make mom cringe.  He is in what we call scribble school.  (As in he sits at the table and scribbles during lessons, dose the art projects and attends the field trips.  After all he would feel left out but is not ready for preschool stuff yet)

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